The Moveables

The Moveables Commisioners — Kunstfort Vijfhuizen - Haarlem, NL PolyLester presents their project titled The Moveables, an interior on wheels designed especially for the historic military engineering hangar of Fort Vijfhuizen – a UNESCO world heritage site and one of forty-two forts in the defense line of Amsterdam, the Netherlands. The art centre Kunstfort Vijfhuizen that is located in a large part of the fort commissioned the project. The Moveables, a collection architectural objects and furniture pieces set on wheels, provides a flexible and multipurpose interior for the culture and arts centre. Allowing a huge variety of configurations, The Moveables invite its proprietors and users to become creatively interactive with the space. By introducing archetypical exhibition elements of white pedestals set in wheels, rather than transforming the historical hangar into a white cube, The Moveables propose a light hearted tongue-in-cheek reference to so many, bland and unremarkable contemporary art and exhibition centers around the world. Suggestive of playful construction games, jigsaw puzzles and computer games such as Tetris, the individual elements can be either grouped together to form new volumes, or can be placed separately within the space, to create a number of functional islands. The yellow details accentuating each of the elements, suggests the idea of a ray of light cast onto the volumes. As such the obscure interior becomes bright through the white objects and highlighted by the yellow details. An interior that can be shaped to the demands and desires of the moment. The objects can be placed into configurations that can either host events or facilitate an exhibition. Even the six industrial lamps hanging from the ceiling can be adjusted in heights by ways of a simple motorized system. ontwerp: polylester