Warten am fluss

The Observatorium sculpture Waiting for the River symbolized the anticipation of better times and a better environment by building a covered bridge for a river that is not there yet. Constructed with reclaimed wooden scaffolds from the port of Rotterdam, the dynamic zigzag shape of the 38-meter-long bridge, subdivided into three pavilions. provided broad panoramas, with small courtyards in between the pavilions. Waiting for the River was a living bridge, where the artists invited people to wait 24 hours on the location of the future river bed. Complete with dormitories, a kitchen, outdoor eating areas, and a bathroom, through the summer the bridge was rented by families, couples, loners and lovers. Some 500 guests spent a night in what could be described as a non descript wasteland, that from the bridge made the impression of a man made park.

ontwerp: observatorium